Open Market Consultation

The Open Market Consultation (OMC) aims to actively approach the market in order to gather information about the latest advancements and future developments. Successful procurement necessitates early involvement of technology companies and consortia. This will be accomplished through a series of webinars, a survey for prospective procurers of the solution to refine the tender specifications, and a match-making tool for suppliers to assist in finding suitable partners for consortia.

What is OMC for?

The Dynamo PCP will carry out an Open Market Consultation in the form of a series of events which aim to:

  • Inform potential suppliers (industry) about the Dynamo PCP pre-commercial procurement opportunities
  • Explain in detail the pre-commercial procurement process
  • Open a dialogue with potential suppliers about the scope of procurement envisaged in the project (incl. technical requirements)
  • Facilitate matchmaking among potential suppliers in need of support in the building of consortia capable of addressing the needs of the Dynamo PCP procurers in full

Goals of our Dynamo PCP OMC events

  • To conduct a detailed needs analysis of the Buyers Group (the four partner procurers)
  • To map companies capable of submitting responses to the tender
  • To get a better understanding of the state-of-the-art and future developments in order to develop a call for proposals with the optimal scope
  • To gain a broad understanding of all relevant and available users, stakeholders, technologies and possible solutions in the marketplace
  • To consult with the potential suppliers the validity of the challenge and its specifications, as well as to gather feedback on the feasibility of response
  • To identify the most critical success factors, barriers and enablers to be considered
  • To identify remaining gaps and challenges and where Research & Development is still required
  • To inform the market and attract suitable stakeholders, particularly suppliers, but also other (future) procurers

Matchmaking platform for suppliers

The Dynamo PCP will support interested suppliers in finding suitable partners and coordinators. A match-making platform will be made available as part of the website soon.