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Health/ICT SME
Knok was founded in 2015 and it is a company specialised in digital health solutions. With more that 800.000 clinical interactions with patients, knok believes in orchestrating healthcare through patient engagement, empowering providers, and leveraging the potential of digital health solutions – for everyone, everywhere. To do so, Knok provides today Panacea, an all-in-one suit that comprises a telemedicine platform that can be enhanced with AI tools and a patient journey creator.

Value my organisation can add in a joint tender​

Knok can add value through its expertise and capabilities in telemedicine and patient journeys. Telemedicine adds value by allowing remote care coordination, emergency telehealth services, remote monitoring and an AI triage system. The patient journey creator added value is on the possibility of mapping out the entire care pathways for specific high-pressure scenarios, making it more predictable and automatic; real-time updates and adaptation of the pathway; patient centred.

Areas of cooperation sought​

Open to discuss, but it will be more focused on building block 3.

Organisation details

Organisation type:

Health/ICT SME

Organisation size:

Medium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)

Headquarters country:



Contact person:

José Carvalho

Job title:

Business Development Executive