Ergobyte Informatics S.A.

Dynamic pathway planning and design Task-based staff planning and skills matching
Health/ICT SME
Ergobyte is a market-oriented digital health SME that produces high quality medical software solutions. In parallel to its commercial activities, the company conducts research, focusing on the design and development of expert systems that augment human thinking.

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Ergobyte developed a robust technology for intelligent workflow automation in healthcare settings. The system employs Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), an open, well-accepted industry standard, enhances it with custom-built modules that use machine learning to adapt decisions, and couples it with openEHR, an open standard for the structuring of data in electronic health records. Within the system, any procedure can be formalized into dynamic, executable diagrams, with benefits stemming from optimization of task planning and resource allocation. The technology has been tested and validated in hospitals focusing on nursing daily tasks.

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Health/ICT SME

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Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

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Martha Zachariadou

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Project Manager