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DYNAMO will result in a lean and powerful solution enabling quick, data-driven and platform-independent planning of care pathways for situations where health system functions are threatened. This solution will allow EU health care systems to build resilience and respond to public health threats better than they can today.

DYNAMO brings together four procurers from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom that not only see the need for such a solution but are willing to act on it now. They will set up a collaborative demandside initiative to create the economies of scale and early adoption cases required to build momentum for DYNAMO. As a strategic planning tool, DYNAMO will guide stakeholders in concept development, data modelling, process design and implementation planning. DYNAMO will be able to reliably inform medium-term investment planning to adapt existing processes and infrastructures (incl. IT systems). 

More specifically, DYNAMO will be a socio-technical system to

  1. Efficiently adapt service delivery processes to shocks and structural changes
  2. Share and integrate cross-sectoral data to accurately forecast outcomes and impacts of alternative pathway configurations
  3. Facilitate task planning and skills matching in times of crises The Buyers Group includes health and care organisations and authorities representing diverse health care systems and settings, thus reflecting the requirements of different national health care ecosystems that DYNAMO will have to meet.

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SCMA is an NGO/Charity with 37 years of existence, providing services daily to 5800 Persons. The Organisation emerges from a multi-challenged territorial context, as a first and second-line anchor, with the purpose of at one time mitigate the biopsychosocial vulnerabilities of the Population and of the Community; and, complementarily, promoting the capacity building, through methodologies, […]