Modelling and dynamic assessment of integrated health and care pathways enhancing response capacity of health systems

Our three main aims
Three pillars of Dynamo
Project Timeline
January 2023
Bonn, Germany
Project Kick-off
Group picture
June 2023 - July 2023
Agendas will be available in May 2023
Open Market Consultation

Each of our procurers will have an OMC event in their local language - Treviso (Italy) on 22 June, Athens (Greece) on 13 June, Lisbon (Portugal) on 23 June, Barcelona (Spain) on 15 June, Wales (UK) on 7 June - plus one big online event on 6 July.

November 2023 - April 2024
Indicative timing
Call for tenders

The Dynamo tender will contain all the requirements of our procurers, supplemented with the recommendations and advice from the open market consultation. It will be open for six months.

What is PCP?

In pre-commercial procurement (PCP), public procures buy Research & Development (R&D) from several competing suppliers in parallel to compare alternative approaches and identify the most cost-effective solutions that the market can deliver for their requirements. R&D is divided into phases (solution design, prototyping, initial development and validation/testing of a limited number of initial products), with the number of competing R&D providers reduced after each R&D phase.